Chiropractic is established in the U.S., Canada, and Australia, and is present to a lesser extent in many other countries. China is one of them and a big nation. It is viewed as a marginal complementary and alternative medicine health care profession, which has not integrated into mainstream medicine. Billions are spent annually for chiropractic services.


There are no many health center provide chiropractic care service to the people in china in 20 centuries. The chiropractic step on his stage in china was 21 centuries in Beijing, Shang hai and Guangzhou city. First Chiropractic putting they chiropractic health care center in shanghai which gives more push on chiropractic development in china.


After that many chiropractic health care center start to set-up, in that period there is no any manufacturer design and build chiropractic table in china, most of chiropractor buy their chiropractic table from USA. But it caused the development of chiropractic health care was slow-down. As a chiropractic table is very expensive and need to pay import duties. So it stop many chiropractor to start they career.


China-chiro’s founder (Huang) build treatment table in his workshop after finished his study. In 2000 year he saw a table that he never seen before by coincidence. He start to wonder what is for. After have a several conversation with that chiropractor he got to know the answer. It was chiropractic drop table for spine care use. As no any china manufacturer to make the chiropractic drop bench and they are not like to try. The craftsmanship impelling Huang, so he try to manufacture the first china chiropractic table.



In 2003 the first chiropractic table made in CHN .



The based is very simple and clean. But the drop system was kind of challenge to Huang. Because the drop system is a key of chiropractic table. You have to make the drop system smooth and quick in a second, the durability is also an importance!  If the drop system was not good then will impact the chiropractic effect. China-chiro team put many effort on it and finally drop system is meet the expectation.  Further to add headpiece drops flexion etc… Useful function.



From 2003 to 2019. China-chiro accumulating many experience and keep offer best chiropractic table to chiropractor from worldwide.

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