How do I place an order ?

It’s easy!  We sell directly to you. Simply contact us by email, telephone or through our website. For website orders, please note that we do not accept payment online. When your inquiry is submitted to us, we will reply with a quote, including the shipping cost. You will then be prompted to contact us with your payment information.


For small order you could place order on our Aliexpress shop. Like one unit portable extremity drop or one adjusting tool .

What are my payment options ?

We accept Western Union, Transfer wise, wire transfers and cash.

What are the shipping costs ?

Shipping costs are based on the product ordered and delivery destination.  Please contact us with this information and we will promptly provide you with a shipping quote.

Can I chose the color of vinyl ?

Yes. Each product page has indicated what color are available for each model.

How do I clean the vinyl ?

Normal day to day soil on the vinyl upholstery can be removed with neutral soap and warm water followed by a thorough water rinse.  Rinsing is important to clear all chemicals from the vinyl, which could otherwise cause premature deterioration.  Avoid harsh detergents and powdered abrasives.  Areas coming in contact with hair, body oils or perspiration should be washed frequently. Remove stains immediately to prevent the possibility of them becoming permanent.

Can I obtain replacement parts ?

All of our products have been engineered to require very little maintenance and designed so that most parts can be replaced by you, if necessary.

What is the Warranty ?

Our products are manufactured to extremely high standards and are thoroughly inspected and tested prior to shipping. We offer a limited lifetime warranty on workmanship and materials, excluding normal wear and tear issues and damages from misuse. We stand behind our products and can provide technical assistance and/or replacement parts, if necessary.

3 years for the frame , 1.5 years for the accessories .

Important Disclaimer

All products and risk of loss are EXW seller’s warehouse. All shipping charges are the responsibility of the purchaser.

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