Centro Quiropráctico Shanon – Huánuco – Perú
















Centro Quiropráctico Shanon is a chiropractic healthcare center. For more than 6 years they have helped people who needs chiropractic adjustment and give a nice easy life to those people. They believe better spine better life. Their goal is to provide best and comfort chiropractic health care service to their client.

Centro Quiropráctico Shanon were facing a problem that did not have much chiropractic equipment due to client is increasing day by day. As a result they couldn’t get the chiropractic work process smoothly and the client experience was not good. Many client schedule have to put off and the chiropractor were busy so much on every day.


The china-chiro (Rehab Medical) allows Centro Quiropráctico Shanon to keep their client experience in good status. Thanks to its chiropractic table of purchasing decisions and predictive intelligence, the chiropractic center is now better than better, Centro Quiropráctico Shanon use the chiropractic table from China –chiro keeps the client experience in a good status.


The china-chiro has helped Centro Quiropráctico Shanon decrease client wait time and increase service quality. Their goal of provide best and comfort chiropractic adjustment experience is now simpler to achieve than ever, as a result they become a much well know chiropractic health care Centre in Peru .