portable drop piece chiropractic adjusting tool
Excellent Portable Chiropractic Lumbar Drop & Pelvic Drop Pieces

Model : Chiro-L

Warranty : 12 month for Chiropractic Lumbar Drop & Pelvic Drop

Befitting User : chiropractor

The China-Chiro Series is the top choice for your Chirppractic practic . Chiro-L is an excellent choice for chiropractors, massage therapists and body workers in general.

Product Information


Heavy duty and with all the professional options the China-Chiro series is a strong, stable, easy to transport and setup. The portable drops provide a viable alternative to massive stationary predecessors. Our Chiro-drops model features flat cushion surface and use for adjusting lumbar and pelvic ,Straight drop with adjustable tensionm, You will be up and running in minutes.


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Demonstration by Mr.Rango


Chiropractic Lumbar Drop & Pelvic Drop Use Purpose

The Lumbar&Pelvic Drop has a flat surface and is ideal for adjusting lumbar and pelvic .


Use Durable pinewood ; special made drop system ; high density foam ; excellent leather as well as the handbar


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